Make your Website an Asset

Your website can be a 24/7 sales machine

"I had a website but I closed it down because it was a waste of money" - a small business owner recently told me this.

I nearly fell off my chair!

Your website is an asset to your business - not a useless expense. BUT (and this is a big caveat) you need to do it right.

So here is a couple of jobs that your website can handle for you - saving you money AND bringing you more revenue:

It's your hardest working salesperson.

Your website is up 24/7 hustling. While you're sleeping it's sharing your marketing, telling your story, connecting with your audience, capturing leads and answering your customer's questions. It doesn't rest. It doesn't take lunch breaks. It doesn't tell inappropriate jokes at the staff meeting. Your website is your hardest working salesperson.

But, like any salesperson - to do its job well it needs the right resources. To equip your virtual sales team you will need:

  • An online store (to process the sales).
  • A blog (to share your story & connect with customers).
  • Landing pages & sign up forms (to capture leads).
  • An email marketing software (to engage your leads).
  • Analytics (to asses what's working).

It's a vigilant (and ever polite) receptionist.

When set up correctly your website can handle most of your admin and reception needs. From answering common questions (like opening hours and contact details) through to booking and scheduling appointments. With the right tools, you can eradicate time-consuming phone calls AND provide a better service for your customers.

To employ your website as a receptionist you will need:

  • A smart contact form (to capture all incoming communication).
  • An appointment booking integration (to hook in with your calendar & schedule appointments in your available times).
  • An FAQ section (to answer those common questions).
  • Common Information on your contact page (to stop unnecessary phone calls we suggest your opening hours, location & alternate contact information).

It's your most consistent marketer.

Day in. Day out. Your website is out there marketing your business. From the home page through to the latest blog post it is sharing your story consistently and "on-brand". Better yet - every conversation or resource you share on your website doesn't just help one customer, it helps every website visitor after that.

Marketing is a special skill and your website can handle it if you provide:

  • A blog (for content marketing and providing consistent value to your customers).
  • Landing pages (for specific marketing messages)
  • Email marketing integration (for capturing leads and building relationships).
  • Analytics (to see what marketing message is working).

There are just three of the many jobs your website can handle for you. If you're ready for your website to start working harder for you then join our free "Lift Off After Launch" email course. You'll get a quick, actionable lesson in your inbox every morning for the next 5 days to take your website from “just done” to working smart for you.

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