Because regular tuna
can’t make websites

We create websites that matter

We demand more from your website than just a pretty design. Your website is your brand, your first impression, your 24-hour sales machine, and in this day and age; your business.

We make your website work for you.

Your website can be the asset that propels your business forward, or it can be a missed opportunity gathering dust of the 17th page of Google. You decide.

If you’re underwhelmed by your website or (GASP!) you don’t have one then hit that ‘Work With Us’ button and let’s get started.

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Meet The Team

This is the ragged pair of hooligans who pulled together to form Doomsday Tuna back in 2015. Since then we have been working together to build world-class websites, inject our personality into our work and devour as many tacos as humanly possible.

Profile picture of Mark Cola
Mark Cola
Head of Development

Mark is the head of development and has a focus on creating the quickest, most responsive website for your brand. We’re pretty sure he thinks in javascript and is happiest when creating fast loading websites using the latest industry standards.

Profile picture of Stefania Stevens
Stefania Stevens
Project Guru

Stefania (or Stef for short) is who you will get to deal with throughout your project. It’s her job (and passion) to ensure that everything in our project runs smoothly. From start to finish she will guide you through making your website an asset that upgrades your business.

Profile image of Tracey @ Sew Nice Doll Clothes and Accessories

The Doomsday Tuna team has been a life line to my business. They designed a wonderful website that was user friendly. They have always be on call and when ever I had a question they have been able to help me quickly. I won’t go anywhere else.

Tracey @ Sew Nice Doll Clothes and Accessories
Stef and Mark pointing at you.

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