Because regular tuna
can’t make websites

Enough About Us, More About You

You're busy. Not just busy. You’re business owner busy. You're so busy that you don't remember last time you went to the toilet without thinking about your business. You rush through your to-do list like there's no tomorrow. In fact, if checking things off your to-do list was an Olympic sport then you would be a gold medalist (if you could fit it in).

Everywhere you go you leave a trail of empty coffee mugs, completed tasks & the competition in the dust. Once a project is done you move straight onto the next one. Those completed tasks piling up in the rear-view mirror. You're a future-focused, go-getting, ‘buck stops here’ kind of boss.

It's no surprise then that once your website launched you kicked it off the list you haven't looked at it again since.

That’s where we come in. Give us an hour of your undivided attention so we can get a feel for your business, your goals and your clients - then we do the rest. Consider that website rebranding done. It’s in safe hands. All you need to do? Reach out and let’s get started.

Get Started

You work hard enough - isn't it time your website did as well?

Join our tribe of savvy entrepreneurs who have used our free “Lift Off After Launch” course to step their website up. You'll get a quick, actionable lesson in your inbox every morning for the next 5 days to take your website from “just done” to working smart for you.

Meet The Team

This is the ragged pair of hooligans who pulled together to form Doomsday Tuna back in 2015. Since then we have been working together to build world-class websites, inject our personality into our work and devour as many tacos as humanly possible.

Profile picture of Mark Cola
Mark Cola
Head of Development

Mark is the head of development and has a focus on creating the quickest, most responsive website for your brand. We’re pretty sure he thinks in javascript and is happiest when creating fast loading websites using the latest industry standards.

Profile picture of Stefania Stevens
Stefania Stevens
Project Guru

Stefania (or Stef for short) is who you will get to deal with throughout your project. It’s her job (and passion) to ensure that everything in our project runs smoothly. From start to finish she will guide you through making your website an asset that upgrades your business.